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Vanishing Amazon reviews have become a consistent part of being an author. It’s a sadly popular problem, and my blog posts that focus on this issue are still some of our highest viewed. Many authors still struggle with this, even with Amazon relaxing their review pulls.

These ideas may help with the disappearance of Amazon reviews. If this is happening consistently to your book, there may be a more extensive issue. I’ll touch on this as well.

Secure Your Current Reviews

You know how it happens, right? All of a sudden you notice a number of reviews are missing from Amazon! For this reason, I urge you to constantly check for new reviews.

One thing I recommend is to take a screenshot of the “Customer Reviews” on your Amazon Author Central page, so you can not only capture new reviews, but observe if any reviews are missing. You may still lose that review on Amazon, but it’s secured in your screenshot, so you can add it to your book page later. You can repost any missing reviews to the “reviews” in Author Central.

I do this regularly: once a week if I’m in between book releases, and more frequently if I’m on top of a new book release.

Sometimes Amazon Malfunctions

The Amazon website is massive, and although it’s hard to believe, Amazon does make mistakes.

This sometimes impacts book reviews. Lately, I’ve had many folks tell me their Amazon reviews disappeared and ask for advice on how to move forward.

It happened that these reviews were posted around the same time. Luckily when the authors reposted the reviews as instructed, it worked successfully. So, sometimes it’s an odd glitch, and it’s worth asking the person who posted the now missing review to try and repost it.

If you are noticing Amazon reviews vanishing (and you took the screenshot to verify this), I encourage you to enlist Amazon’s help via the Help button in Author Central. But, give yourself some time before contacting Amazon because you don’t want to be emotional. I know, easier said than done. When reviews get pulled we feel like Amazon is in the wrong – and maybe they are, but a helpful conversation with Amazon could shed some light on why this is happening and what you can do.

It’s important to inquire with Amazon about your reviews. I’ve had some authors tell me that once they enlisted Amazon’s help, they received all of their reviews back.

Ask Your Readers for Reviews

Lost reviews can’t be recovered — and even if Amazon never displaces your reviews, you still want to continue building your number of reviews. I know this may seem very apparent, but authors sometimes forget to keep motivating their readers for reviews.

Dear Reader letters are a great way to boost your reviews. I’ll add a link below to another post I’ve written on this.

This may seem obvious, but whenever I’ve asked authors when the last time they asked their readers or mailing list for a review, they can’t recall. Authors seldom remember to do this. Mailing lists are helpful and if you don’t have one, I recommend you start one asap!

By creating a mailing list and asking readers for reviews, it allows the readers to feel like they are truly contributing to your success. If you respectfully request reviews, you will obtain them.

Help your readers recall why reviews are so important and encourage their input (good or bad). This input can sway a person to buy. Remind readers to provide an impartial assessment of the book.

Vanishing Amazon reviews are unfortunately a battle that will continue happening. Following these key ideas will help you secure your current reviews and continue compiling new ones!

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